Our Craft Beers


This lager beer is a modern twist on the traditional ‘Pilsner’ styled brew. Balancing the flavors of this delicate beer is truly an art unto itself. The distinctive flavor of hops and malt give way to a crisp, yet slightly dry beer.

Bangalore Daze

The perfect blend of citrus hops and pale ale malts combined to create this well-balanced, crisp and delicious IPA. Each sip gives rise to the delicate flavors of pine and honey that is sure to leave you wanting more.

Soul Surfer

This modern Hefewissen is brimming with flavor to sooth the soul. A heavy bodied hazy citrus nectar, combined with notes of orange peel and coriander giving way to the perfect balance of mild bitterness and light sweetness. The ideal beer for a summer day.

Black Pearl

The silky, smooth, almost seductive feel of this dark beer, enhanced with a heady combination of chocolate, coffee, caramel and lactose gives rise to the perfect blend of this mildly sweet stout. This complex combination packs quite a punch of flavors.