The Rising Craft Beer Culture – They Are Hot & Trending in 2021

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Defining craft beer is hard, but two words describe it simply – independent and innovative. Bengaluru (Bangalore), the Silicon Valley of India, is now home to India’s best bars and pubs. Their brewmasters use several ingredients other than malt to turn out a diverse selection of craft beers. Today, it is this artisanal handcrafted brew and a hearty pub grub […]

Happy International Beer Day

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Barley beer, the fermented beverage, owes its origin to the agrarian civilization. It is one of the oldest beverages first produced about 5,000 years ago by the Sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia. It was used as a currency to pay workers in the city of Uruk (modern-day Iraq). Even workers who build the Great Pyramids in […]